To Do

A list of things I'd like to add or change.

  • Scroll bars in list boxes. It shouldn't be this hard.

  • Cache hit detection. Currently these request are just listed as pending.
    - the problem here is that the response observer doesn't get called when we read from the cache, and the cache doesn't seem to expose any notification when it's read from

  • Change more of the list boxes into trees to avoid resize effects

  • Decode/encode check box on detail pop up - so some of the entries are more readable - done in v0.50

  • Different pop up for cookies? Might make it easier to show more details.

  • Add request to title bar of tamper pop up. - done in v0.40

  • Better abort. As I understand it, the way I've implemented abort (using cancel) doesn't really stop the request, but rather throws out the response. This is not ideal...

  • Refactoring.

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