How to Use it.


After installation you should find a Tamper Data entry under the tools menu. Select this and the log window will open. All subsequent request will appear here.

To see details of a request, select it. To see details of a request header double click the item.

It's probably a good idea to press clear now and then.

Stuff to try


Make sure you have read the warnings.

Press the start/stop tamper to toggle tampering.

For each request (images etc. are currently filtered out) you should see a pop up prompting you to

When you select tamper you will see the tamper window. Modify the data here. Use the context menu to make common changes.

Select OK to submit the modified values, cancel to submit the original data.

Using the context menu
When using add entry, you may enter name and value at the same time.

e.g. myheader=myvalue

The value may contain commas or equal signs.

When using add etries, you can add multiple values in the form:

Neither the names or values should contain commas.

When using add entries from file, import a file in the following format:

Blank lines at the top of the file will probably cause problems.


Context menu items can be configured using the options dialog.

For questions or comments about tamperdata, please send a message to the author.

The tamperdata project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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